Hey Tom. Hope youre doing alright lately. youre still a babe as always.

I’m okay. Working a lot of hours but can’t complain! Hope you’ve been alright too, anon! 

I love your hair

Thank you! <33

I jerk off to you alot


I'm mad late, but I just got silver hair and I now feel as pretty as you ^-^ 🙌💃

Silver foxes~! ^_^

do you still post on /fa/?

no. The occasional time I stop by I don’t post much. Just lurk. I read the comics and cartoons board on a nearly daily basis. The only site I’m legit ‘active on’ besides the usual social media, is just tumblr. :P 

I missed last weeks "tell tom shes gorgeous weekly" You are adorable and I hope the future plans go smoothly for you. <3

*__* Thank you, kind anon. 

I forgot about your existence. You never even knew mine.

Oh? Did you know me in real life or just on the internet? I’m curious. 

can i commission some?

Nope. Sorry. There are plenty of other naked tattooed girls online for you though. 

noods/semi noods where?


hey but, do you even talk to black people on your daily routine

I do, actually. 


no need to get defensive, i would make tender love to you anyways

Well that escalated to something entirely different. WHY MUST YOU BE SO TSUNDERE, ANON? 

u know that's funny because your face is busted.

Someone who can’t spell insulting me out of their own insecurity? Hmm.. I wonder who in the world this could be~!  

Pretty ;)


would u consider urself superficial

Definitely! Took me years to look the way I wanted. Too much money spend on hair, makeup, clothes, etc. It would be outrageous to not consider myself to be superficial. About myself at least. 

I don’t necessarily feel I need makeup or certain things. But its a fun way to express yourself and its something I’ve really been experimenting with this past few years. I was a tomboy growing up so this is all new to me the last 5-7 years. 

Although just because I use makeup, dress a bit crazy or whatever doesn’t mean I judge people based on if they do or don’t do the same things as me. It really doesn’t affect my relationships with people. I’m still the same goofball with or without the makeup and all that. I go out without makeup, extensions, ride my bike around bars with just yoga pants and sneakers and it makes no difference to me. :3

This turned out to be a really long answer. oops.

Your body is insane

Thanks. This is with my weight gain too. Just wait until I’m really back in shape again. It will be epic. :D