you are so dreamy~* xo


i'm part of the unusual face club too, right? are you currently accepting members, or is it by invitation only?

welcome to the club! <3

Don't ever let anyone call you ugly.

Oh it happens all the time. People will say what they will. I’m cool with it. Physically making fun of someone is so easy, its lost its value to me. I don’t really care if people find me attractive or not. Its debatable. I’ve got an unusual face. 

Hey, big ups to you. Saw your most recent selfie and you're obviously working hard in the gym. And if you're not, I know at least 30 girls who'd kill for your shoulder definition. Either way, keep kicking ass girl.

Old picture from four months ago. I’m so out of shape right now. I can’t  wait to ride my bike again. ;__; Winter fatty life.

You two are too cute for this world.

wahh. Thank you! She’s a tumblr addict as well. (BarbieFashionLooks) 

You are so cute! Do you model?

sometimes for fun! :) Not professionally or anything. Just a hobby.

So you have made a sex tape

why would it matter if I had or hadn’t? :3

Have you ever made a sex tape


What web site is it gonna be on?

I don’t know if Inked Girls is online. I’m sure you can order/download it from the website once it’s out. I found an indie bookstore that sells it so hopefully it won’t be sold out and I can grab one. Or else I’m just gonna order it. I’ll post scans of it when it’s out though regardless.

Where can I find your inked girls shoot? Is it online? Are you going to post it here?

I’ll post it when it comes out. I don’t know where to get it other than the inked website and certain indie bookstores that carry it. It printed last Monday so it should be out soon. The next week or two the January issue should be out.

I wanna fuck you so bad. I wish you where a webcam girl or had a mygirlfund I would give you all my money

Sorry, anon. That stuff isn’t my thing. Hahaha.

my sister told me about how she went to akira and saw this girl with blue hair and so she did it to hers. i didn't say i know who you're talking about

It might have been my roommate too. She’s also got blue hair and works for Akira. :3 she’s dark blue though.

You are so beautiful!

Thank you for such kind words. Nice icon. I love Typhlosion by the way. My favorite pokemon. 

You are perfect please make a mygirlfund. I would give you all my money ;P

Sorry, kind anon. I’ve been in a relationship for three years with someone I’m quite fond of. ^-^

i was sitting w my crush and i was holding in a big fart but then i coughed and it came out as an earth shattering fart and i pooped a little so i had to waddle to the toilet so the poop doesnt slide down my leg and onto the ground

That was a very cool story, bro.